What’s on in 2018?

The Congress has five main tournaments and a number of ‘side’ events including many opportunties to learn or play with Professionals.

The Open tournament is for 5 dan players and stronger – this is a rough tough event for the best of the best.  In 2018 the Congress attracted insei from Korea and a Pro from Europe, playing in this division is a challenge for anybody. The tournament runs for 3 days with 6 rounds of even games with a maximum of 2 games per day.

The Dan tournament is for players between 5 dan and 1 kyu – this tournament is even games – in 2017 the 1 and 2 dan players certainly punched above their weight so there are not easy wins for anybody. The tournament runs for 2 days with 5 rounds and a maximum of 3 games per day.

The Seniors tournament is a handicap event for people over 50 years of age between 7 dan and 1 kyu who want a more social experience.  This event was suggest by several local community groups who felt this would attract more local players.  (Note – the organizers reserve the right to merge the Seniors tournament with the Handicap tournament if there are insufficient entrants).

The Handicap division is for everybody from 5 dan to 9 kyu so you will have good games against a wide range of players.  The tournament runs for 2 days with 5 rounds and a maximum of 3 games per day.

The Kyu tournament is a one day tournament for young people and beginners, this is a great way to play and learn from an enthusiastic group of players. The tournament has 5 rounds in one day.

The cost of entry depends on the tournament you select, concessions apply for school and uni students in most events – check out the registration page for full details.  Side tournaments, lectures, pro simul games and more are free for all contestants.

Details of other events can be found here